BNWT Momotaro BOM001 Limited W31

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Item   Momotaro BOM001 Limited
Harga SOLD

  • W31 L38
  • Untuk yang size 29 - 30
  • Bukan size anda? / Sudah SOLD? Kami juga ada menyediakan servis pembelian dari USA / UK / Japan -->
Deskripsi Item

  • "With our 1st collaboration we wanted a super dark denim, but not black. We wanted something that was unique and memorable, yet also minimalistic. The result is a creative denim that uses a super dark indigo with black stitching and details that makes the denim look black, yet will fade to a beautiful indigo full of variations. We used the same fabric from the Momotaro Vintage Series which is rope dyed in pure indigo and already super dark. We used black stitching throughout and a black deer skin patch to give a clean look making the denim look black, at least until the fabric starts to fade. Finally with a tribute to the Going to Battle series and what has become one of the recognizable symbols of the Momotaro label we added the battle stripes, but in black. Thus we are proud to introduce the "Midnight Warrior" denim." - Blue Owl
  • The "skinny straight" denim fit is slim in the top block, has a low rise, runs slim in the leg, and tapers from the thigh to the leg opening.
  • 15.7oz unsanforized raw selvedge
  • Expect the denim to shrink approximatley .5" in the waist and 1" in length during the first wash.
  • Deep blue pure indigo denim using super-dense 6s yarn
  • Deer skin patch 
  • Pink selvedge, pink interior thread - both representing the peach from the "Momotaro" folklore story.
  • Going to Battle" stripes are a symbol of Japanese tradition representing honor and strength. The warrior stripes also represent the flag carried by "Momotaro" in the original folklore story.
  • 100% Zimbabwe cotton
  • 100% natural cotton thread
  •  Made in Japan
  • Limited to 40 pairs for the first production.

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