BNWT Strike Gold SG1105 W29

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Item  Nudie Slim Jim Ecru Embo
Harga SOLD

  • W29 L36
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Deskripsi Item

  • W29
  • 14 oz. Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge denim
  • Slim straight fit
  • 5 button fly with "Strike Gold & Co." emblazoned
  • Gold selvedge ID line (Pala kain emas)
  • Iron Male rivets/Copper female rivets
  • Hidden rivets
  • Deerskin leather back patch
  • The SG1105 is a true slim straight jean with a modern silhouette in mind. The slim straight fit also has a medium rise, allowing comfort to the wearer while still maintaining the fitted look of the jean. Although an easy wear, we still recommend a warm water soak prior to the first wear in order to soften the fabric. 
  • The jeans in the original raw state are a sight in itself, with the evident woven intricacy of the weft yarn running through the warp ends. In the case of these jeans, the warp ends are of yarn from rope dyed cotton and the weft threads are undyed - the contrast results in a beautifully balanced indigo blue color which will fade naturally over time. The beautiful gold selvage thread used in the construction of the denim fabic, make these jeans by Strike Gold especially unique and noteworthy.
  • The front six rivets are made from a copper base (known as female rivets) and Iron tip (known as the Male rivet). This was considered to be the best combination of metals after trial and error because the Male rivet will begin to rust as the Female rivet color deepens to create an even tone with age. The hidden rivets are used for attaching the back pockets.
  • Made in Okayama, Japan

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