BNWT Samurai S0510XX66-RR W30

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Item  Samurai S0510XX66-RR
Harga SOLD

  • W30 L36
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Deskripsi Item

  • W30 L36
  • Samurai S0510XX66-RR *(Revival & Reproduction Limited Edition)
  • 15oz Samurai Original Japanese selvage denim
  • 100% USA Texas Cotton
  • Pure Indigo
  • Raw / Unwashed
  • 100% cotton thread sewing construction
  • Made In Japan
  • The S0510XX66-RRuses 100% Texas cotton which is famous for being a "rough" cotton due to it's high amount of short fibers.  Normally, the short fibers are removed to make a smoother fabric, but Samurai adds more short cotton fibers to make the yarn even rougher.  The result is a yarn that is highly uneven in size, making the woven fabric very "slubby" (irregular).  Moreover, while most jean manufacturers mix different cottons from various areas, Samurai uses only 100% Texas cotton in the S0510XX66-RR.  Even the thread is made of 100% Texas cotton.  This creates a jean that captures the essence and spirit of this tough Texas denim.
  • Like all Samurai jeans, the S0510XX66-RR uses 100% pure indigo with no fillers, using the maximum amount of indigo that the yarn can hold.  Weighing in at 15 ounces, Samurai also maximized the tension of the weave, so that after washing, the denim actually becomes even more stiff and the weave even tighter.  This is the first time Samurai has done this, resulting in a jean with unprecedented "atari" (fading).

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