BNWT AIKA Made in Japan Jin W33

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Item  Made in Japan Jin 
Harga SOLD

  • W33 L34
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Deskripsi Item

  • W33 L34
  • The 'JIN' was Aika's 'top of the range' jean.
  • 14.5oz selvedge denim, Zimbabwe cotton.
  • Our factory had 80 vintage looms, but only two were selected to be used for the JIN jean fabric to ensure a superior weave.
  • Dip dyed 20 times in natural indigo, with care taken not to dye to the yarn core.
  • Unsanforized, rinsed to allow shrinkage, and then hung to dry naturally at the factory.
  • The cut is a very traditional fit, based on a 50's levis 501.
  • These jeans retailed at Australian$395.00 before the company closed.
  • When released, the JIN retailed for Australian $495.00
  • These are pre-shrunk, so buy your actual size.
  • Red tab
  • Red Selvedge
  • Koi Pocket
  • Made in Japan

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